acute & chronic injuries

sporting injuries & exercise rehab

return to work | ergonomics

spinal | shoulder | hip | knee | ankle

muscle tendon ligament bone nerve

managing osteoarthritis & osteoporosis

injury prevention & rehab

musculoskeletal screening | biomechanics

dance & performance

pre point & tertiary dance assessments

movement retraining &

peak performance


pre hab & post operative

disc bulge & disc prolapse

sciatic & nerve related pain

joint reconstruction & replacement

acl & meniscal | Post Op Rehab

headache & migraine

TMJ dysfunction & facial pain

neck injuries & whiplash

women’s health Physiotherapy

lumbo pelvic instability

pelvic floor muscle assessment & retraining

post partum exercise programs

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Musculoskeletal Manual Therapy, Sports & Exercise Medicine

Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy

Women’s Health Physiotherapy

Dance & Performance Physiotherapy


Physio Massage

physiotherapy consults:


Our Physiotherapy Consults provides ‘Hands On” Manual Therapy for musculoskeletal complaints. We provide physiotherapy manual therapy for the assessment & treatment of sports & spinal injuries, orthopaedic complaints & post operative rehab. Physio Services start with an Initial Assessment & Treatment Consult, followed by either Subsequent Standard or Long Review depending on the complaint, stage of healing and treatment response.

We address the following physiotherapy complaints:

Muscle. Joint. Ligament. Nerve. Bone.

We deliver physio services for Acute Injuries & Post Operative to reduce pain, swelling & inflammation through initial stages of healing to return to sport & work. We also provide our services for people affected by Chronic Complaints & Dysfunction whether Orthopaedic, such as Osteoarthritis, Joint Reconstruction or Replacements or Chronic Pain Syndromes, Pregnancy Related, TMJ Dysfunction, Headache & Facial Pain.


Exercise Prescription is physical exercise programming for everyone including athletes requiring performance physiotherapy, addressing muscle imbalances and faulty movement patterns, or recovering from sporting injuries to general musculoskeletal complaints involving rotator cuff, low back pain or torn muscles to trauma resulting from orthopaedic injuries whether they be sporting, traffic accidents, or postural issues arising from the workplace. We use exercise rehab extensively for post operative patients regaining full function, sub acute & chronic musculoskeletal complaints, prehab & rehab for joint replacements & joint reconstructions alongside patients living with chronic illness, who may be deconditioned, have decreased exercise capacity, or have physical impairments affecting their quality of life and ability to carry out functional activities of daily living. We assist people to regain functional movement, balance, mobility & strength throughout the lifespan. Exercise rehab may include home based, gym based or pool based programs. We use Physiapp physiotherapy exercise app to program all home and gym based programs.


Post operative patients are required to provide the surgeon’s post operative instructions or “orders” & preferably also the surgeons post operative notes on initial visit to insure your specialists post operative instructions are observed within your treatment & rehab plan.


A physio service for cardiorespiratory patients in a private practice community setting. Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy is suitable for Cardiac Patients with Heart Disease, Respiratory Conditions such as COPD, Bronchiectasis, Asthma or Breathing Pattern Disorders.

We can provide cardiorespiratory physiotherapy during in clinic visits at our private practice or during mobile visits if acutely unwell. We also provide physio guided gym based sessions or hydrotherapy pool based sessions providing clearance for physiotherapy has been given by your GP or specialist.

We can provide manual chest physio, breathing exercises for sputum clearance & pulmonary hygiene, breathing exercises & retraining, cardiac & pulmonary exercise rehab. We work with people at any stage (providing they have clearance for physiotherapy) to progressively build exercise capacity & exercise tolerance within safe limits. We also provide breathing retraining for patients with breathing pattern disorders & respiratory complaints.

Cardiac Rehab patients require a cardiologist or GP clearance for cardiorespiratory physiotherapy services, or respiratory physician/ GP clearance for Respiratory patients. We liase with your medical practitioner and specialist, so ask all respiratory & cardiac patients to provide a detailed medical history from their GP or specialist prior to their initial visit. If you have had recent investigations please bring the results with you.


We offer physiotherapy for women’s health related complaints at different stages whether it be pelvic floor training for athletes, dancers, gymnasts or during pregnancy & post natal. We provide manual therapy for symptom relief of pregnancy related musculoskeletal complaints such as pregnancy related lower back pain, pelvic instability & pelvic girdle pain.

We can provide ultrasound therapy to ease symptoms and promote healing for breast feeding mothers with mastitis. Please see your GP in the first instance to ensure any infection is appropriately diagnosed and being treated. Ultrasound treatment can be completed whilst taking oral antibiotics, and your GP can best advise whether this is suitable.

Our pre & post natal exercise programs assist pelvic floor training & core activation strengthen postural & lumbo pelvic stabilisers. We aim to help women regain strength and returning to exercise safely under physio guidance.


We provide Dance Physio & Dance Pilates for dance students, pre professional and professionals. Some services are: Tertiary & pre pointe screening, injury prevention programs tailored specifically for the needs of dancers & gymnasts whether it be improving turnout or pre pointe strengthening programs to prevent injuries.

Our physio has a Degree in Dance & has been a Dance Teacher in Secondary Schools, also providing dance therapy in terms of manual therapy, dance pilates to prevent injuries, aid recovery, address movement faults & muscles imbalance.


Performance physiotherapy is aimed at improving sport performance can involve manual therapy, performance pilates, strength & conditioning, functional training, stretch & mobility programs all specifically tailored for athletes & performance artists. We work in with a athletes short term & long term goals & provide physio services.

We can offer assistance optimizing motor programs, correcting faulty movement patterns, muscle imbalance or alignment issues. This may also involve assisting balance, strength, speed or agility training for peak performance.

We can provide manual therapy for injury prevention & maintenance, functional training, strength & conditioning or clinical pilates to improve core activation, lumbo-pelvic stability; power & muscle endurance.     

physio massage:





Massage Services delivered by Registered Physiotherapist.

We provide physio massage as an additional service in our practice for people without injuries or physical conditions requiring physiotherapy treatment. Physio Massage is suitable for people who prefer massage services delivered by a physiotherapist. Our physio is a trained in clinical neuromuscular therapy (CNMT), Therapeutic, Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy (NZCM). She has provided sports therapy for for elite athletes at high performance level, international sports teams & professional ballet dancers.

Neuromuscular Therapy is a specialized form of massage where deep tissue massage, pressure, friction, stretching & release techniques are used to reduce tension in muscle & connective tissue, often referred to as myofascial release & trigger point therapy. We provide CNMT during our Therapeutic Massage service when required to address trigger points & myofascial tension. We also use Effleurage, Petrissage, Kneading, Tapotement & stretching techniques. Pressure is determined by our clients at all times.

Sports Massage is suitable for training, pre event & post event. It is more brisk, energetic,and may address adhesions & scar tissue or be directed at recovery post event.

Pregnancy Massage is suitable for reducing muscular aches & tension during pregnancy. We only use essential oils that are known to be safe during pregnancy. Pregnancy Massage is a relaxation massage service for mums during all trimesters.

Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle massage technique that can be relaxing and help reduce lymphoedema experienced as the result of an injury, cancer treatment. compression garments are not prescribed, this is a lymph massage session with a registered physiotherapist trained in lymphatic drainage.

Physio Massage may be claimed as a physiotherapy extra (not as a massage extra) with private health funds.

If you do require an assessment for an injury, or musculoskeletal complaint we suggest scheduling a Physiotherapy Initial Assessment & Treatment for appropriate diagnosis & treatment.





spinal manual therapy
joint mobilization & spinal manipulation
dry needling & needle head moxibustion
soft tissue massage & myofascial release
athletic strapping & kinesio taping
heat & cold therapy | electrotherapy
chest clearance techniques & breathing exercises
postural re education & movement strategies
patient education & home care plan 


sports pre & post event

injury prevention & recovery

pregnancy massage

therapeutic massage & clinical neuromuscular therapy

aromatherapy & essential oil formulations included

deep tissue massage & relaxation

trigger point & myofascial release

muscle energy & stretching techniques


Health Reform changes to provision of clinical pilates & health funds rebates (2019) “Physio Guided Exercise Rehab” incorporating exercise rehab & clinical pilates techniques are only to be provided by physiotherapists for patients having first had a physiotherapy initial consult & receiving clinical pilates techniques within the parameters of a physio guided exercise rehab program. Clinical Pilates & Pilates is no longer available as a health rebate unless under Physio Guidance as part of Exercise Rehab Private & Group Classes.


We continue to provide pilates services as “Pilates”, but these pilates services no longer have private health fund rebates due to changes in Health Reforms.

If you have private health cover for physio extras & have an injury or complaint you can still receive a rebate as “Physio Guided Exercise” after an Initial Physiotherapy Assessment & continue to claim the rebate.

Pilates sessions at our practice are private individual sessions & are not claimed as physio extras with private health funds as of 1 April 2019.

Injury prevention & recovery

post operative & orthopaedic rehab

movement & motor retraining
postural alignment & muscle balance
spinal & joint mobility
core activation & lumbo pelvic stability
strength | coordination | balance | mobility
pilates for sporting & dance performance


fitness screening | testing
functional fitness training
exercise assessment & prescription
biomechanics & motor re-training
strength & conditioning
group training