FEE schedule.



60 min | $130 New Patient Initial Consult

physio subsequent FOLLOW UP

30 Min | $ 85 Short Review 1 Injury/Complaint Only

45 Min | $ 100 Long Review 1-2 Injury/Complaints

60 Min | $ 130 Extended Review 1 or more Complaints

cardiorespiratory initial

90 min | $150 Extended Consult

womens health initial

60 Min | $130 Extended Consult

Hydrotherapy Initial

30 min | $85 Short Consult Clinic Consult

Dance physiotherapy Initial

90 Min | $150 Extended Consult

physio massage

30 min | $ 85 Sports Massage Pre | Post Event

45 min | $ 100 Sports massage, Therapeutic

60 min | $ 130 Sports, therapeutic, Pregnancy

90 min | $ 160 Lymphatic Drainage





Physiotherapy Initial

60 min | $130

an extended consult for assessment & treatment

acute injuries with swelling, pain & inflammation, sports related & spinal injuries, musculoskeletal pain & dysfunction, orthopaedic complaints, exercise rehab, pre-hab & post operative, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, pain syndromes. movement impairments, balance & falls prevention. *vestibular physio not available.

Exercise Prescription

60 min | $130

exercise rehab, core stability, strength & conditioning, fitness. Expect to move!

This is a movement consult for patients with sporting injuries, musculoskeletal complaints such as low back pain, sacro iliac joint pain & rotator cuff complaints to name a few. Post Operative patients with meniscus, acl, joint replacements, shoulder reconstructions & spinal surgery find tailored exercise prescription helps restore functional movement, mobility & strength what ever the goals. Exercise rehab programming can be done for home, gym or pool sessions depending on your requirements. We provide free access to Physiapp for all exercise programmes and can monitor patient adherence and outcomes.

Hydrotherapy Initial

30 mins | $85 short assessment consult

initial 30 mins consult is clinic based to assess individual needs & plan hydro program, followed by a physio guided pool session scheduled during the initial consult charged as a hydro 30 min session. Access to Hydrotherapy program via PhysiApp is provided.

Women’s Health Initial

60 mins | $130

extended consult

pelvic floor assessment & training, stress urinary incontinence, female athletes in sporting activities involving high impact, power related & strength training, pregnancy related musculoskeletal complaints, pelvic girdle pain & dysfunction, pelvic girdle pain & instability, pre natal & post natal physio guided exercise programs, ultrasound treatment for mastitis.

Dance Physiotherapy Initial

90 mins | $150

extended long consult

dance injuries, injury prevention, pre pointe assessments & dance preparation for en pointe, tertiary dance screenings, addressing muscle imbalances, core activation & turnout.

bring dance clothing & ballet flats or demi pointe/ pointe shoes

Cardiorespiratory Initial

90 min | $150

extended long consult

chest clearance techniques & pulmonary hygiene, breathing pattern assessments & retraining, building exercise capacity & exercise tolerance. cardio respiratory patients requiring physio guided exercise programs for cardiac & respiratory complaints. please book in and we will contact you prior to your appointment, alternatively contact us for further information on our message us contact page. We are unable to conduct a cardiac or respiratory physio consult without Medical History from your GP and or clearance from your specialist, please fax to our clinic in advance.



30 min | $ 85 Sports Pre | Post Event

45 min | $ 100 Sports, Therapeutic

60 min | $ 130 Sports, therapeutic, Pregnancy

90 min | $ 160 Lymphatic Drainage

Massage Therapy Session may involve essential oils; dry needling with acupuncture needles; moxibustion; fire cupping/ running cups; trigger point & myofascial release techniques; holistic pulsing, acupressure, assisted stretching. If you have a physical complaint requiring assessment or diagnosis book physio initial consult instead. The physio massage session is not used for diagnosis/assessment of injuries, but stress relief, restoration, pre competition & post event recovery for athletes, addressing trigger points & myofascial restrictions, pregnancy, lymph drainage or relaxation. The treatment is provided by a registered physio with 18 years experience as a sports therapist to elite sports teams and athletes with extensive background in clinical neuromuscular therapy, therapeutic massage, body therapies. massage can only be claimed as a physio extra with private health funds.




Please arrive 10 mins early & fill the new patient registration form available at reception counter prior to your first consult. Our reception area is shared with other health practitioners. Please take a seat in reception & we will be with you shortly.

There is no need to sms or phone us to confirm your appointment, or on your arrival. Your physiotherapist may be with other patients & providing you are booked in either online or by us, we are expecting you & have your time reserved especially for you.

We will meet you at reception at the start of your appointment. But do let us know are running more the 5 mins late via sms. The rest room is available at the end of the hallway.


Loose fitting clothing is better suited to physiotherapy treatment sessions as you may need to undress or perform exercise. Tight fitting clothing is best avoided for the treatment session, you are welcome to change in our bathroom prior to your visit or the treatment room. We suggest avoiding restrictive clothing especially if you have an acute injury with pain, swelling or inflammation, as removing clothing may aggravate your complaint prior or post treatment. e.g. skinny jeans


Physios are primary health providers and referral letters are not required to make appointments. If you are a cardiorespiratory patient or are post operative from a recent surgery, please read the information we require to enable better provision of our services.


Please bring all medical reports from any diagnostic imaging or investigations that is relevant to your complaint to your initial appointment. Due to privacy laws patients will need to request these from their medical center or Specialist as we can not request them. Please bring a copy or request reports be faxed to our clinic eg. MRI, Xray, CT Scan, Dexa Scans, Spirometry, etc

Should you require further investigation related to your complaint, we can discuss the options and refer you directly for diagnostic imaging.




Eftpos | Hicaps | Hicaps Go Medipass | Visa | Mastercard

Our clinic uses Hicaps Go for Private Health Rebates with participating health funds. Download the Hicaps Go App & register prior to your appointment. We can still provide health rebates for health funds not registered with Hicaps Go.

We do not accept Diners Card or American Express.

Please be advised our practice bulk bills TAC only. Workcover Patient & Medicare EPC Plans pay consults in full at conclusion of service and workcover patients claim rebates directly with the third party insurer. Whilst we can submit the Medicare EPC Plan patient rebate directly to Medicare via Medipass on behalf of the patient so the Medicare rebate is paid directly to the patient within 1-2 days.

We issue a detailed receipt via email on day of consult for all claiming purposes.


We offer concessions for tertiary students on all Initial & Extended Physio Consults where the cost is discounted $20 of consult fee. Adolescent concessions are $60 regardless of consult time.


We are a Medipass HICAPS GO registered physiotherapy provider for cardless private health rebates with participating health funds. Non participating funds will use the Hicaps terminal or can claim with their health fund online using their emailed receipt.
Download the HICAPS GO APP and register prior to your consult.


We provide on the spot HICAPS claiming for patients with Extras Cover for Physiotherapy with Private Health Funds. Extra’s cover for physiotherapy differs depending on coverage & usage. Enquire directly with your private health fund for the exact rebate or utilise the Hicaps Go App which provides the actual patient rebates for providers registered with Hicaps Go. We provide detailed invoices for all claiming purposes should you wish to claim from your health fund at a later date rather than using Hicaps Go.

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Patients with Medicare EPC or Chronic Disease Care Plans are welcome. Our practice does not bulk bill Medicare, patients pay in full for all EPC & CDM Plans at conclusion of the physio consult. We can submit patient rebate claims directly to Medicare via Medipass providing payment to the patient within 1-2 days. Physiotherapy services are not funded through Medicare unless through initiated through a (EPC) Enhanced Primary Care Program or CDM from a General Practitioner. The EPC or Chronic Disease Plan enables up to a maximum of 5 physiotherapy visits in a year to a physiotherapist of the patients choosing. The actual number of physio visits allocated may vary, as some visits may allocated to additional health provider by your GP. Please bring the Medicare Referral Letter from your GP to your initial visit. Medicare provides partial payment of the consult fee, the patient rebate is $53. Rebates can alternatively be claimed through the Medicare APP using the receipt we provide after your physiotherapy consult. As part of the care plan we communicate with your GP at the start and finish of your EPC plan. Medicare Plans do not allow patients to claim EPC and health fund rebates for the same physiotherapy treatment.


TAC claims are bulk billed to TAC using Lantern Pay for Providers. The consult fee is billed directly to TAC and there is no out of pocket charge related to treatment. The treatment process can begin on your initial physiotherapy visit regardless of whether an actual claim has been submitted. If you have had a traffic accident and sustained an injury as a result, you may be eligible for assistance of treatment costs through a TAC claim, which can be made directly from your physiotherapist without an initial doctors visit. Patients initiate a TAC claim by phoning TAC directly on 1300 654 329. Patients provide TAC with Accident details such as the location, circumstances and injuries sustained, work & bank details for reimbursement. Typically you will be asked to provide information regarding:

  • Details of the vehicles involved, including registration numbers and names of occupants

  • Details of any persons who witnessed the accident & names of any public service drivers involved.

  • Details of police attendance or date reported to police including officer name, station & any paramedics

  • Accident details including vehicle number, location, route of travel, date and time of travel

  • The name of the health professional you have seen for the injuries you got in your accident

New TAC claims do not require a Doctors referral, bring any referral letters that you may have, and also any documentation related to your injury, such as any existing Certificate of Capacity, Diagnostic Imaging Reports and any hospital discharge letters or reports from your specialist.

If you already have an existing active TAC claim bring the claim number, date of injury, your workplace information, case manager name and their contact information to your initial consult. Please note any equipment required as part of the treatment will need to be invoiced to TAC for approval, however TAC patients are welcome to purchase and be reimbursed later by TAC.

TAC may cover a swim/gym 3 month membership through a physio plan. Our clinic prepares physiotherapy treatment notification plans & we can also communicate with your workplace or employer regarding your injury, work status & return to work progression.

WORKSAFE & workcover.

Workcover patients are welcome, whether a new or existing injury or complaint. Please note our clinic does not bulk bill Worksafe Clients, payment for physiotherapy services is required at conclusion of all treatments. All workcover claims are submitted by the patient to the worksafe insurer or agent directly by the patient. We can also email the invoice directly on your behalf to the case manager & patient on conclusion of treatment to speed up the rebate process. All workcover patients require an initial doctors certificate of capacity if time off work is required. You will not require an initial doctors certificate of capacity, if you do not require any time off work & can attend physiotherapy without a doctors appointment. Please bring any documentation including your claim number, date of injury, case manager & their contact information including your employers contact information to your initial appointment to make a claim. Physiotherapy services cannot be claimed in retrospect of a claim, therefore all claims need prior approval from Worksafe in order to access payment for physiotherapy services. Workcover may not cover the entire consult fee, so please check with your case manager for the exact rebate from workcover prior to your consult to avoid any disapointment.




We are unable to diagnose your complaint or provided treatment advice over the phone or via email. Please book an initial assessment consultation to discuss your complaint.


We provide email confirmations and sms appointment reminders as a courtesy, we cannot guarantee these so please make a note of your appointment time and contact us if you have not received your appointment confirmation.


Your appointment is scheduled especially for you, we do not double book patients or treat multiple patients at the same time. In making the booking you are agreeing to attend at your scheduled appointment time. If you are running more than 5 mins late please sms us.

In the case of failure to attend, or late cancellations with less than 24 hours (or Friday when a Monday appointment is scheduled) you will be charged the full fee plus any any collection costs incurred.

You can rebook or cancel using the booking link in your confirmation email up to 24 hours prior to your appointment after which time the link becomes inactive and you will need to sms or phone the clinic.

We appreciate as much notice as possible to enable other patients who are on waitlists or who may require urgent care an opportunity to receive treatment.

Waivers in emergency situations are at the discretion of your practitioner. We apply this policy to all patients equally across the board in fairness to everyone. In scheduling your appointment via phone or online booking you agree to accept our terms & conditions.


We respect the privacy of your health information and will not disclose your information to third parties without your prior written consent. If you are happy for us to contact other health providers such as your GP, specialist and, or any third parties such as TAC & Workcover please indicate this on our new patient registration form.


Our clinic uses Cliniko Patient Management System with SSL Security (HTTPS) to store patient information used in clinical notes, scheduling appointments & generate tax invoices, also sending/receiving all booking confirmations whether by email or sms. Patient information is confidential, private & is for the purpose of physiotherapy services only. We do not send unsolicited emails or share your info without your permission.



Online bookings are embedded onto our website using Cliniko, our patient management system with SSL security.


PhysiApp is an free app made available to patients through our clinic subscription to provide our patients with tailored exercise prescription with content, exercise videos, track patient progress, pain levels if needed, administer outcome measures which are physio based questionnaires related to your complaint and used as baseline measure at the start, middle and end of your treatment program. Physiapp collects information such as tracking analytics to enable your physiotherapist to monitor your exercise progress & tailor your exercise prescription. You will need to agree to the Physiapp cookie policy on downloading the free link to access your program before this service can be utilized.


We are registered health providers with HICAPS GO & MEDIPASS for health claim funding. Medipass has an integration with cliniko for payments via Medipass.


Our practice subscribes to Health Engine, patients who book appointments through Health Engine, have their booking analytics tracked to provide information about booking requests related to our physiotherapy services. No personal information is shared to additional parties.