Physio services.


$ 20 discount university students & seniors on 60 mins consults


physio Initial Consult

60 min | $130 New Patient Initial Consult

physio subsequent Consult

30 Min | $ 85 Short Review 1 Injury only

45 Min | $ 100 Long Review 1 Injury only

60 Min | $ 130 Extended Review 1 - 2 Injuries

womens health initial

60 Min | $ 130 Extended Consult

Exercise Prescription

60 min | $ 130 Come Prepared to Move!

Hydrotherapy Initial

30 min | $ 85 Short Clinic Consult

Dance physiotherapy Initial

90 Min | $ 150 Extended Consult

cardiorespiratory initial

90 min | $ 150 Extended Consult


Clinical Rehab Initial Assessment Session

60 mins 1 : 1 with physio | $ 130 (Student $110)

Clinical Rehab Individual Session

45 mins 1 : 1 with physio | $ 100

Clinical Rehab Group Class

45 mins 1 : 3 $ 45 (TAC & WC Rebates no gap fee)

Dance Pilates Initial Assessment

90 mins 1 : 1 with dance physio $ 150 (Student $130)

Dance Pilates Individual Sessions 1 : 1

60 mins 1 : 1 with dance physio $ 130 (Student $110)

Dance Pilates Group Class

45 mins 1 : 3 with dance physio $ 45

Sports Performance Class

45 mins 1 : 3 with physio $ 45

Private Health Rebates apply to all pilates sessions. Pilates classes are under physiotherapy management through initial assessment, treatment planning & progressions. Your physio maintains progress notes in relation to each pilates session & monitors your participation.

Our treatment sessions are conducted on wood crafted Balanced Body USA Pilates International apparatus such as: Reformers, Trapeze Tables, Combo Chairs, Spine Corrector, Pilates Balls & Circles alongside gym equipment such as Stability Balls, Steps, Bosu Balance Balls, Wobble Board, Dura Disc, Dumb bells.

Clinical Pilates Packages

Starter Pack: $ 210

1 x 60 min Initial Assessment Session 1 : 1 with physio

2 x 45 min Individual sessions 1 : 1 with physio

Individual Pack: $270

3 x 45 min Individual sessions 1 : 1 with physio

Studio Pack: $ 235

5 x 45 min Group Classes $ 47 each


Massage services.


Sports, Therapeutic, Pregnancy, Lymph Drainage

Health Rebates will be claimed as physio extras only.

30 min | $ 85

45 min | $ 100

60 min | $ 130

90 min | $ 160

Dry Needling, Moxibustion & cupping

individual treatment consults

may be included with physio or massage sessions

30 min | $ 85

45 min | $ 100

60 min | $ 130



Eftpos | Hicaps | Hicaps Go Medipass | Visa | Mastercard

Our clinic uses Hicaps Go for Private Health Rebates with participating health funds. Download the Hicaps Go App & register prior to your appointment. We can still provide health rebates for health funds not registered with Hicaps Go.

We do not accept Diners Card or American Express.

Please be advised our practice bulk bills TAC only. Workcover Patient & Medicare EPC Plans pay consults in full at conclusion of service and workcover patients claim rebates directly with the third party insurer. Whilst we can submit the Medicare EPC Plan patient rebate directly to Medicare via Medipass on behalf of the patient so the Medicare rebate is paid directly to the patient within 1-2 days.

We issue a detailed receipt via email on day of consult for all claiming purposes.


Tertiary student & seniors concessions are $20 off fee for Initial Consult & Extended Physio Consults. Adolescent concessions are $60.


We are a Medipass HICAPS GO registered physiotherapy provider for cardless private health rebates with participating health funds. Non participating funds will use the Hicaps terminal or can claim with their health fund online using their emailed receipt.
Download the HICAPS GO APP and register prior to your consult.


We provide on the spot HICAPS claiming for patients with Extras Cover for Physiotherapy with Private Health Funds. Extra’s cover for physiotherapy differs depending on coverage & usage. Enquire directly with your private health fund for the exact rebate or utilise the Hicaps Go App which provides the actual patient rebates for providers registered with Hicaps Go. We provide detailed invoices for all claiming purposes should you wish to claim from your health fund at a later date rather than using Hicaps Go.

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Patients with Medicare EPC or Chronic Disease Care Plans are welcome. Our practice does not bulk bill Medicare, patients pay in full for all EPC & CDM Plans at conclusion of the physio consult. We can submit patient rebate claims directly to Medicare via Medipass providing payment to the patient within 1-2 days. Physiotherapy services are not funded through Medicare unless through initiated through a (EPC) Enhanced Primary Care Program or CDM from a General Practitioner. The EPC or Chronic Disease Plan enables up to a maximum of 5 physiotherapy visits in a year to a physiotherapist of the patients choosing. The actual number of physio visits allocated may vary, as some visits may allocated to additional health provider by your GP. Please bring the Medicare Referral Letter from your GP to your initial visit. Medicare provides partial payment of the consult fee, the patient rebate is $53. Rebates can alternatively be claimed through the Medicare APP using the receipt we provide after your physiotherapy consult. As part of the care plan we communicate with your GP at the start and finish of your EPC plan. Medicare Plans do not allow patients to claim EPC and health fund rebates for the same physiotherapy treatment.


TAC claims are bulk billed to TAC using Lantern Pay for Providers. The consult fee is billed directly to TAC and there is no out of pocket charge related to treatment. The treatment process can begin on your initial physiotherapy visit regardless of whether an actual claim has been submitted. If you have had a traffic accident and sustained an injury as a result, you may be eligible for assistance of treatment costs through a TAC claim, which can be made directly from your physiotherapist without an initial doctors visit. Patients initiate a TAC claim by phoning TAC directly on 1300 654 329. Patients provide TAC with Accident details such as the location, circumstances and injuries sustained, work & bank details for reimbursement. Typically you will be asked to provide information regarding:

  • Details of the vehicles involved, including registration numbers and names of occupants

  • Details of any persons who witnessed the accident & names of any public service drivers involved.

  • Details of police attendance or date reported to police including officer name, station & any paramedics

  • Accident details including vehicle number, location, route of travel, date and time of travel

  • The name of the health professional you have seen for the injuries you got in your accident

New TAC claims do not require a Doctors referral, bring any referral letters that you may have, and also any documentation related to your injury, such as any existing Certificate of Capacity, Diagnostic Imaging Reports and any hospital discharge letters or reports from your specialist.

If you already have an existing active TAC claim bring the claim number, date of injury, your workplace information, case manager name and their contact information to your initial consult. Please note any equipment required as part of the treatment will need to be invoiced to TAC for approval, however TAC patients are welcome to purchase and be reimbursed later by TAC.

TAC may cover a swim/gym 3 month membership through a physio plan. Our clinic prepares physiotherapy treatment notification plans & we can also communicate with your workplace or employer regarding your injury, work status & return to work progression.

WORKSAFE & workcover.

Workcover patients are welcome, whether a new or existing injury or complaint. Please note our clinic does not bulk bill Worksafe Clients, payment for physiotherapy services is required at conclusion of all treatments. All workcover claims are submitted by the patient to the worksafe insurer or agent directly by the patient. We can also email the invoice directly on your behalf to the case manager & patient on conclusion of treatment to speed up the rebate process. All workcover patients require an initial doctors certificate of capacity if time off work is required. You will not require an initial doctors certificate of capacity, if you do not require any time off work & can attend physiotherapy without a doctors appointment. Please bring any documentation including your claim number, date of injury, case manager & their contact information including your employers contact information to your initial appointment to make a claim. Physiotherapy services cannot be claimed in retrospect of a claim, therefore all claims need prior approval from Worksafe in order to access payment for physiotherapy services. Workcover may not cover the entire consult fee, so please check with your case manager for the exact rebate from workcover prior to your consult to avoid any disapointment.